Weathering Change is a action research project being delivered in partnership by greenspace scotland, Glasgow City Council, Sniffer and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health.

The project aims to facilitate conversations and broker collaborations between communities and institutions in North Glasgow to better understand how to increase community resilience in the face of climate change. This recognises that climate change will bring its own challenges but will also exacerbate other stresses and challenges. It also acknowledges that there will be opportunities created by a changing climate and that communities need to be ready to grasp these opportunities when they arise.

Following early scoping and project design, work is now underway to engage with local individuals, organisations and institutions involved in regeneration activity within North Glasgow. This begins with a series of pop-up consultation events asking people about what matters to them locally and encouraging them to consider the impact that weather and climate has on their lives. This will be followed by workshops for community organisations and for the key institutions involved in regeneration and service delivery in the area. Finally, we will bring together the key players to explore different ways of working to deliver mutual benefit and to increase community strength and resilience.

Through these collaborative approaches it is expected that joint projects and new ways of working will developed which will to help build resilience to climate change. It is hoped that learning from this project can be used to shape local, city-wide and national policy around how to promote community-led approaches to climate change.

For more information on this project contact Deryck Irving email