urban greening

greenspace scotland has been working with Glasgow City Council and local partners on a programme called ‘the Five Streets’. This programme used placemaking techniques to develop and propose green infrastructure options for five key urban settings: Byres Road, Saracen Street, the Barras, Shawlands and George Street. This work was supported by Glasgow City Council and SEPA.

The proposed options place climate change actions (water management, provision of shade and shelter, carbon capture etc.) within an urban design perspective. The aim is to create better places to live, work and visit which are also more resilient to the predicted changes in Glasgow’s climate and which contribute to the city’s overall climate change targets. The focus is to retrofit green infrastructure into existing streets and public spaces.

The proposed green infrastructure options offer:

  • a starting point for urban designers to influence ‘engineering’ solutions to water management and sustainable drainage - addressing multi-functionality and greater place quality in addition to climate resilience
  • additional leverage for engineers when seeking to convince budget holders etc.

Reports for two of the projects are available for download – please note that these reports present recommendations which will be incorporated, where possible, in Glasgow City Council plans for these streets. In addition the overall report on the Five Streets programme is available for download - see right hand side box.

Two further reports are also available - the first is a short note on the piloting of a design for a modular rain garden feature developed in response to the George Street Five Streets report; the second is a more detailed analysis of the potential scale of intervention which is possible in Glasgow City Centre, the likely costs of such work and the best mechanisms for achieving change.

extending the programme

We are now looking for partners from other cities and towns across Scotland to work with us to develop a small number of pioneer urban greening projects by exploring options for retrofitting green infrastructure in streets. We will bring our experience from the work in Glasgow and the development of climate change park resource. Ultimately we will look to draw the experience, learning and case studies from these urban greening pioneer projects to develop a climate change street e-resource and national guidance.

Find out more about how greenspace scotland can work with you on urban greening here