Drawing on information from Scotland’s Greenspace Map, the Second State of Scotland’s Greenspace Report reveals for the first time the extent and type of urban greenspace in all 32 Scottish local authority areas.

Key findings include: 

  • the total area of greenspace is urban Scotland is 1,090 square kilometres
  • there are 24 hectares of greenspace per 1000 people
  • 39% of greenspace is classified as private gardens
  • 22% is natural or semi-natural greenspace
  • public parks account for 8% of urban greenspace

Summary tables provide the area and percentage cover for the main types of greenspace in each local authority area.

The report contains a number of case studies illustrating how local authorities are using this data to inform the strategic planning and management of greenspace. It also provides a summary of key findings from the 2011 Greenspace Use and Attitude Survey.

State of Scotland’s Greenspace provides a valuable baseline for analysing future trends and examining the impacts of greenspace policy and investment. We intend to produce the State of Scotland Greenspace Reports biennially.

The production of the Second State of Scotland’s Greenspace Report was supported by Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage, Forestry Commission Scotland and the Central Scotland Green Network Support Unit.

The State of Scotland's Greenspace Report 2009, which provided information for 20 local authority areas, is available for download here

Scotland's greenspace map

Find out more about Scotland’s Greenspace Map. View the interactive map and, if you hold an appropriate OS licence, request the GIS data