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project summary

The aim of the project was to substantially improve four sections of the path network within the River Don Corridor, Aberdeen. These four sections included two paths in Seaton Park and two paths, one on each side, of the Diamond Bridge on the south side of the river. The four sections form part of an ambitious pedestrian/ cycle route which is intended to run the entire length of the river, within Aberdeen City, from the beach all the way to the Formartine and Buchan Way which continues into Aberdeenshire. 

This route seeks to better link communities and amenities, to promote active travel, within an attractive river setting, all of which in turn have health benefits. The paths are now up to a standard where they can be utilised by users of all abilities. This project was delivered in conjunction with Sustrans, Nestrans and Aberdeen City Council.

This project strongly linked in with the work carried out as part of the Seaton Park Wetland Project and the Donside Hydro & Park. Work to properly drain the location of one of the sections of paths to be upgraded in Seaton Park was done in conjunction with the Seaton Park Wetland Project. Both of these projects have improved the over accessibility throughout the park through new and improved paths along with other projects taking place in the park lead by the Council or by the Friends of Seaton Park.

The section of path delivered on the eastern side of the Diamond Bridge links very closely to the Donside Hydro & Park project. This section has joined up the network in the area allowing easy pedestrian/ cycle access to the Donside Hydro & Park. The Donside Hydro & Park will prove a destination in itself along the route and the park itself will further enhance access in the area tying in with this path and the overall network

history/background/project status

This project followed on from the River Don Corridor Framework which was written in 2012. Off the back of this guidance a feasibility study was undertaken to identify the best routes and necessary improvements to the path network within the River Don Corridor. The four sections undertaken in this project were identified within the feasibility study as either missing or in need of major improvement. One section in Seaton Park was submerged under water, whilst another was very steep and so impassable for some users. The newly constructed Diamond Bridge required pedestrian/ cyclist connections on the south side of the river to be implemented to allow for greater connectivity both to the east and the west of the bridge.

To bring these projects to fruition funding was sought off the back of the feasibility study both from internal Aberdeen City Council sources and from external funding bodies Sustrans and Nestrans. Detailed designs were then conducted in house before the construction was tendered for and completed on the ground.

project outcomes

The sections are now all complete on the ground. The formally submerged section has been drained in conjunction with the Seaton Park Wetland Project, with a new 3 metre wide tarmac path installed. The steep section of path has been extended in length to reduce the gradient with a sealed surface laid, this includes flat resting platforms to allow for all abilities of users to utilise the path. On either side of the new Diamond Bridge brand new paths have been created, linking the pedestrian/ cycle paths which cross the bridge into the local path network

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Contact Person: Karen van Eeden and Gordon McLean
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project location

Address: River Don Corridor
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local authority area(s)

  • Aberdeen City

project types

  • Access (Primary)
  • Accessibility
  • Climate Change
  • Health
  • Recreation
  • Regeneration

site types

  • Green corridors & green networks (Primary)
  • Amenity greenspace
  • Linear greenspaces
  • Natural/Semi-natural greenspace
  • Public Parks and Gardens
  • Sports areas
  • Water & blue space
  • Woodland