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The River Don is an important blue/green corridor running from coast to country within Aberdeen City. Once a polluted, industrial river with mills littering its length. Now, the mills are all but gone and it is home to communities new and old, businesses, knowledge institutes, parks and landscapes abundant with diverse wildlife.That said there are always areas where intervention can bring additional benefits from both a human and wildlife perspective.

September's project of the month is three individual, but related projects

Donside Hydro & Park scheme
One of these areas is the relatively new Donside Village, on the site of a former papermill. The community here is playing its part in the transition from old to new, through a lens of sustainable development; connecting history, place, people and wildlife. One of their largest contributions is the Donside Hydro & Park scheme. This has seen their innovative 100kW community micro hydro scheme come to fruition, funded through £1.25m community shares and bonds. Following on from this the community are planning to develop Donside Park, on the land surrounding the Donside Hydro. More

Seaton Park Wetland habitat
Next door to this is the popular Seaton Park. The park has lacked investment in recent times and an area of the park suffered from constant flooding which both hampered access and affected the amenity of the park.  For many years there had been unsuccessful attempts to drain the flooding. Building on the recent success of the Council’s award-winning East Tullos Burn wetland project, the Council applied a similar solution here, creating the new Seaton Park Wetland habitat. More

“Donside Way” - River Don Paths
Informally connecting these projects and other amenities was a poorly maintained riverside pedestrian/ cycle path. Work was required to improve this connectivity for the benefit of the wider community. Four sections were identified, two paths in Seaton Park and two paths, one on each side, of the new Diamond Bridge on the south side of the river. The sections have been rebuilt and form part of a newly emerging long-distance, off-road pedestrian/ cycle route along the entire length of the River Don within the City. More

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Contact Person: Gordon McLean

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Address: River Don Corridor
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  • Aberdeen City

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