We can offer a range of consultancy services and training:

Quick impact workshops - We can help you initiate your Community Placemaking project with a one to three day intensive site analysis. This includes presentations on Placemaking to key stakeholders, a community place evaluation workshop and short report capturing issues, ideas and next steps. This is a good way to get started and can use the momentum of public interest and support as a way to launch a more in-depth place transformation process. We will tailor the workshop to meet your needs and resources.

Site analysis - Understanding how a place works (or why it isn’t working) is crucial to successful Community Placemaking. We have a range of well-established techniques for carrying out observations and presenting them in a format that supports place planning.

Placemaking plans - Drawing on the results of Community Placemaking workshops, site analysis and wider consultation, we can develop a Placemaking vision and activation plan that focuses on both design and management actions needed to revitalise an existing public space or to create a successful new space. This plan is presented in a clear, user-friendly way and can be used to draw in further support to your placemaking project. (We can develop plans for single spaces, streets, neighbourhoods or whole settlements.)

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If you would like to find out more about our Community Placemaking services, please contact Ea O'Neill, our Programme Manager email

We can provide a range of services, support and training. Costs vary depending on the size, complexity and range of Placemaking support services required and the number of staff needed to support the Place Evaluation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and budgets – we are happy to provide a no obligation quotation.