greenspace scotland has been placemaking with communities in Scotland since 2005. From these pages you can access a number of case studies showing the some of the breadth of our work and the ways in which it has changed actions and places at the local level. These include:

Placemaking for the Barrhead Green Network

greenspace scotland staff worked with East Renfrewshire Council and Grow Wild to carry out a wide-ranging placemaking study looking at the Green Network in Barrhead. A range of placemaking activities allowed local residents and local organisations (including key officers from the council) to come together to explore the current condition and future vision for the Green Network across Barrhead. This included an evaluation of the current quality and effectiveness of the network and its key greenspaces. We were able to identify the actions needed to improve the Network and to maximise the beneficial impacts of the Network on the town.

The placemaking report explores the views, ideas and priorities of the participants in a series of workshops and meetings and links these to the concept of a Barrhead Green Network as outlined in the Development Plan for East Renfrewshire. The report includes a wide range of recommendations for action – some for the Network as a whole, others for the constituent greenspaces within the Network. An annex to the report highlights which of these recommendations are, in the view of the authors, the priorities for early action.

Lauriston Community Placemaking

This project took place in the Lauriston District of the Gorbals, Glasgow. Consultation, community engagement and place evaluation work was carried out by greenspace scotland and Gorbals Healthy Living Network (GHLN). The vision for Laurieston described in the project report focused on short term and temporary actions to improve its green and public spaces before longer term development plans are taken forward for the area. The report led to a range of practical improvements within the area which have created a functional and attractive series of local spaces that residents and local groups and organisations can use ‘in the meantime’. 

Community Placemaking as an engagement and planning tool in other projects

Increasingly, we use community placemaking as a tool in our wider projects - particularly our work with young people; our community growing programme and our work on greenspace and climate change.

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Barrhead Green Network, Renfrewshire

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Lauriston, Gorbals, Glasgow

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Ardrishaig, Argyll

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Lochside, Ayr

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housing association's press release (883 Kb)

Lochside, Dumfries

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Ruchazie, Glasgow

Placemaking report

summary document

Westfield, West Lothian

Placemaking report

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Claypits, Possilpark, Glasgow

Placemaking report


Placemaking reports for community growing projects

Twechar action plan and graphic


Placemaking reports relating to greenspace and climate change

Hazlehead Climate Change Park

Dunfermline Public Park

George Street (Five Streets)

Saracen Street (Five Streets)