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A report published by Groundwork highlights many reasons why we need to preserve and nurture our urban greenspaces. ‘Grey places need green spaces – the case for investing in our nation’s natural assets’ argues that the benefits of greenspace to our communities including “greater public health, better personal wellbeing and economic prospects and reduced violence and aggression” are too important to squander. Using evidence from across the greenspace sector, the report makes recommendations on how parks and greenspaces of all shapes and sizes could be preserved for future generations - ranging from national legislation to facilitating local action.

Landscape designer and broadcaster Chris Beardshaw, who wrote the foreword to the report, said: “It is as simple as making a choice – a choice to put green space high on the agenda of social investment because it is proven that where positive green spaces exist that issues such as crime and deprivation decline and our health and wellbeing increases. Everyone deserves to see the green shoots of recovery and in this case it really can be as literal as that.” More