greenspaces are about people, communities and quality of life.  They play a key role in supporting safe, healthy, happy and vibrant communities.

greenspaces are...

breathing space
breathing spaces

oases of calm amidst city bustle, space to unwind

breathing space
healthy spaces

inviting places which encourage us to get active

living space
living spaces

attractive spaces on our doorsteps

meeting space
meeting spaces

communal places encouraging communities to come together 

play space
play spaces

safe places where children can adventure and explore

working space
working spaces

attractive places where people want to live and work

learning space
learning spaces

natural grounds for lifelong learning

wild space
wild spaces

informal places that welcome nature back to our cities

celebration space
celebration spaces

gathering places where people come together for events and activities

creative space
creative spaces

inspirational places encouraging creativity in an outdoor setting

growing space
growing spaces

productive places that nourish and sustain communities and individuals

wasted space
wasted space

use your imagination…this could be a community garden, a play space…

purposeless space
purposeless space

it could be more than a boring green desert

stalled space
stalled spaces

meanwhile greenspaces instead of derelict eyesores?

your space
your space

the greenspace on your doorstep – how will you get involved?



greenspace projects

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