Westfield is a small village in West Lothian with a population of around 750 (around 180 homes).  The village developed in the 19th century around the Westfield paper mill which was closed in 2002.

The village enjoys a rural location, situated alongside the River Avon and the Blackridge Heights and Bathgate Hills Area of Great Landscape Value. Nearby is the impressive Westfield Viaduct - a significant local landmark and category B listed structure.

The West Lothian local plan makes a substantial housing allocation in Westfield for around 540 new houses.There have, over the years, been several planning applications for these sites, but a new comprehensive application, consolidating the entire allocation of 540 dwellings was approved in August 2010. However, there is currently no firm timetable for implementing the proposals.

Westfield & Bridgehouse Community Council is the main community organisation for the village (and Bridgehouse and surrounding area). It aims to support the improvement of the facilities and environment of the area and provide a focal point for community action and events.

West Lothian Council Open Space Strategy settlement review for Westfield describes its open space resource as being limited to small areas of amenity open space, separating streets in the residential area.

It identifies the only significant area of open space as the small area of open grassland and children’s play equipment near the village shop. The Strategy states that this should be upgraded to provide a local park for the residents. It also recommends that path links to the wider path network and the surrounding countryside should be promoted.

The Place Evaluation focuses on a series of open spaces within the village, including the existing play area and surrounding public realm, the sports pitch and a series of amenity ‘green pockets’. It also included a large open area between the Primary School (to the South of the Village) and the main village area. This area is used informally for recreation and access, but is earmarked for development.

The exercise also took into consideration access issues around the village and to the surrounding countryside. This includes a series of informal path routes around and along the former railway line adjacent to the village.

Download the Westfield Placemaking report here

Download the Westfield Placemakingsummary document here

download the report

download the Westfield Placemaking report here

or download the Westfield Placemaking summary document here

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