The greenspace is good - so prove it! programme report suggests that the SROI approach needs to be refined to make it more relevant and accessible to greenspace and environmental community groups. This process has already started with the production of two new reports.

A simple guide to the terms and processes used in an SROI approach can be found in the summary note ‘Social Return on Investment - in simple terms’ 

To help community groups and support workers apply an SROI approach to their activities, the challenges experienced in the programme and the ways of meeting them that were identified have been used to prepare a brief report ‘Social Return on Investment – working with community groups’. 

This is intended to be used in tandem with the SROI Guide developed by the SROI network. This report contains explanations and examples that may be particularly relevant to those working in a greenspace or environmental context.

The resources produced from this SROI programme, and others delivered by greenspace scotland, are available from the side menu and the publications section. This includes information and materials that can be used in: stakeholder engagement and consultation; skills assessment and programme evaluation; identification and use of financial proxies; and working together on a SROI analysis.

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More information about the community groups taking part in the greenspace is good - so prove it! programme and the individual SROI studies can be found here

General information about the greenspace is good - so prove it! programme can be found here