Ruchazie is a neighbourhood in the North-East of Glasgow. Ruchazie lies between the M8 to the South, Hogganfield Park to the North West and Craigend to the East. 

The area has experienced considerable regeneration and improvement in recent years particularly through the work of the Ruchazie Housing Association and Glasgow Housing Association however there is still a significant amount of land in Ruchazie which has been cleared but where future development has stalled. 

An average of 93.7% of people in Ruchazie live within 500m of a derelict site (2010) compared to 60.3% average for Glasgow.In the three data zones (Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics) that cover Ruchazie an average of 40% of residents were classed as income deprived in 2009/10 compared to 26% average for Glasgow. A Community Development Group was set up in 2010 and involves many of the agencies working in Ruchazie. Priorities for the group include dealing with the stalled space at the former school sites and improving Croftcroighn Park.

Open space within Ruchazie falls into four categories; private gardens, formal greenspaces, grassed areas around housing, stalled and vacant sites.

It is evident that a great deal of effort and resource has been put into renewing and revitalising housing in Ruchazie. However, the overwhelming presence of vacant and derelict land detracts from this.  The old schools site in the centre of Ruchazie dominates the neighbourhood and gives an impression of dereliction.

Croftcroighn Park, as the major local public space, does not appear welcoming and apart from walking your dog it is hard to imagine what you would do in the park. The vandalised lampposts along the perimeter path give an impression of the park having been abandoned and also mean that it does not feel safe walking there at night.

The Place Evaluation explores potential changes to improve the open spaces of Ruchazie as part of the wider regeneration of the area. The report outlines the findings of an initial Community Placemaking workshop conducted by greenspace scotland and local partners. It sets out recommendations for short and long term actions to improve the open spaces of Ruchazie, and aims to support the creation of vibrant, well-connected neighbourhood with a strong identity and attractions for the community

Download the Ruchazie Placemaking report here

Download the Ruchazie Placemaking summary document here

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download the report

download the Ruchazie Placemaking report here

or the Ruchazie Placemaking summary document here