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In our April ebulletin, we suggested that the Scottish Council elections provided a great opportunity to tell candidates why parks and greenspaces matter. Reminding them that these vital community assets provide our natural health service, our children’s outdoor classrooms and our towns’ green lungs – essential to our quality of life, our sense of place and community. We suggested you could ask local candidates what they (and their party) will be doing to support our treasured parks and greenspaces.

We’re pleased to see that four Party Manifestos for the Scottish Council Elections #Council17 make reference to parks and/or greenspaces – here is what they say:

Scottish Green Party
"Green spaces within our cities, towns and villages should add value to our lives as well as provide places for wildlife to flourish.
Green councillors will:

- Protect parks and green spaces and manage them to provide places for people to enjoy and wildlife to flourish

- Support local food production through community gardens, allotments and school growing projects" Full manifesto

Scottish Labour
"We support the opportunity for community groups to buy land for regeneration projects or food growing or the creation of community green spaces" Full manifesto

Scottish Liberal Democrats
"Build capacity in voluntary and community organisations, so they can do more in their local areas, including running local services or facilities such as community halls, amenity spaces and small parks" Full manifesto

Scottish National Party
"NP Councils will work with stakeholders to ensure that communities have places and green spaces where children can play safely outside" Full manifesto

In some cases, these Party manifesto statements have been further developed into Council-specific pledges by local candidates.  After 4 May, you might want to remind Councillors of these pre-election statements and ask what policies and investment they are putting in place for parks and greenspaces.

#parkmatters  #myparksmatter  #council17