Since January 2014 a small group of local people have been working with Twechar Community Action and greenspace scotland to find new places to grow food in Twechar.

Together we have:

  • found out what spaces in and around the village could be used for community growing
  • used the community growing poster, guidance notes and local knowledge to decide what kind of growing could happen in the spaces
  • shared the information with local people along the way (using Facebook and events)
  • created an action plan to make it happen
  • established two new community growing spaces
  • created the Edible Twechar map with a graphic artist

Twechar now has a vision and an action plan for Edible Twechar which will be used to look for resources and funding to create more spaces to “grow your own” across the village. 

At the same time as we have been developing the action plan and Edible Twechar map two spaces in the village presented themselves as “quick wins” i.e. where community growing could happen now. The volunteers supported by Twechar Community Action have already begun work here and hope to attract more community growers through regular activities in these spaces.

Edible Twechar has a Facebook page - visit it here

Download the Edible Twechar action plan and the map 

Do you want to be the next pioneer growing community? Contact us here to find out more.

Images below from "Mr Brothertons" Twechar's new community garden

The rain water harvesting system is under development, but will eventually look like the one in the last photo!




pioneer growing ?

Would you like us to work with you using the our growing community pack in your local community? We are still looking for "pioneer growing communities" Find out more by emailing Ea O'Neill

our growing community

You can download the Our Growing Community pack here (7527KB) and the poster here (2112KB)

Individual guidance notes, the poster and other support material are available for download here